Let’s Make a Modern Retro Living Room!

Do you have a passion for the mid-century style? Are you into retro furniture? You ae not alone. Most individuals are fascinated by antique items. They create a sense of timeless. You can easily decorate your living room using vintage items and bring the retro style by following the below tips.

Classic Furniture

To start with look for unique furniture pieces that are funky, yet classic. Matching sofa chairs and ottoman will help bring the retro sense. You can accent the sofas with pillows. Metal chairs were also popular in the 1950s and 60s so you could have one or two. You can discover more retro-inspired furniture at flea markets, thrift shops, and online sites.

Vintage Lighting

Lighting is a critical aspect in any interior design. For a spectacular retro look consider vintage lighting light fixtures. As you look for decorative retro lighting remember functionality, as illumination in your living room is important.


Flooring in the mid-era was mostly black and white or red and white square floor tiles. These tiles were durable and are still present in older homes today. Find the modern version of these tiles to recapture the retro look.

Bright Colors

The retro style of the 1960s or 70s, green, blue, gold, orange, yellow and brown were the popular Everything from cars, clothes, to home d├ęcor was in bright colors. The main goal was to create a maximum effect of a striking, provocative bold look. So you should focus on these colors on the walls, furniture, curtains, area rugs and other accessories. The more colorful, the better.