Scandi Design – What’s That and How to Use It?

Scandinavian design focuses on making your interiors simple, calm, pure but fully functional. This design was extremely popular in the 1950s and over the years more home owners have embraced due to its minimalism and elegant characteristics. So if looking to decorate your own home in the Scandi style here are some of the ideas to incorporate.

Lots of Light

Since there isn’t much sunshine in Scandinavia, lighting is an essential aspect in the Scandinavian interior decoration. Therefore make your home decoration to be bright with chandeliers, mirrors and lamps. Make sure that the mirrors and lamps are well placed. Also opt for minimal window treatments so that light pours into the interior. Neutral, simple window treatments and white windowsills are also the best for this design.

Wooden Walls, Ceilings and Floors

The classic natural look created by wood is another main feature of the Scandinavian design. This is because wood is in plenty in most Scandinavian countries. So wood should be found in your living room, bedrooms and kitchens if you want to achieve the Scandinavian look. The floors should be are made of hardwood. Also furniture such as chair, table wardrobes, cupboards and even decorating objects should be made of wood. The wooden furniture should be polished regularly for an absolute finish.

Use Storage units as Decoration

Scandinavians can make simple storage furniture to be a work of art. It does not matter how you use the storage unit if adopting a Scandinavian style it should decorate the room. Consider units with sliding doors, wall-mounted cabinets, and mobile cabinets with different heights. If you plan to buy a set of short, medium-sized and tall cabinets, you can align them next to one another and use their tops as shelves. This is a great way to improve the aesthetics of your home.

Light Colors

To make the home calm and still more cheerful, the Scandinavian style requires your walls floors, ceiling furniture and accessories to be light colored. Light colors such as white, cream, soft yellow, bright pink, light green, and dove gray. These tones emit a feeling of clear, fresh day and coordinate easily with the other colors of the Swedish color palette. The light colors also reflect the natural light making your rooms brighter.

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